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While reading the new translation of volume 1, and occasionally flipping through the old translation to see how the art compared, I came across the scene where Luna first opens the secret base. Instead of using a Japanese passphrase, she says something in completely alien characters.

Here's the scene from the flipped Mixx manga (I have no idea whether they flipped the alien dialogue bubbles or not):

Large image under cut )

The updated version of the scene has a cuter Luna, a different logo for the game...and a different portrayal of the language. Instead of these dot-and-line characters, they're made up of planetary symbols (some rotated, some not), plus a couple of the asteroids (I caught Ceres and Vesta) thrown in.

I don't have a clean scan of the updated art; can anybody link to one? Also, does anyone have a scan of the original, unedited Japanese version?

And does anyone remember if this was ever used again in the manga? I'm almost certain it never came up in the anime -- which is a shame, as it's a fantastic detail that didn't deserve to be thrown in and then forgotten about.

ETA: Scan of the updated version! And for the record, it looks like the symbols are (left-to-right):
Chiron, Uranus, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune
Ceres, Venus, Saturn, Pallas, Mars, Chiron, Juno
(all upside-down): Ceres, Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus, Pallas, Chiron, Saturn

Wikipedia has a symbol list, for anyone who wants to see them all in one place.


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