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3 days left on auctions!
No bids have been placed which means you may be able to get these New 2011 Sailor Moon Italian items cheap!

Sailor Moon Wand $35
Sailor Moon Scooter $33
25cm Sailor Jupiter Doll $23
25cm Sailor Mars Doll $23

Has Bids
Sailor Moon DS Game (works on American DS)

Visit Store:

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[25] Sailormoon (incl. a few misc characters from the series)


Moon Chrystal Power!
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I used to have a great collection of images and scans from the Sailormoon artbooks, Manga and Anime but then my hard drive collapsed and I can't for the life of me find the websites again where I got them from.

SO, can anyone point me in the direction of a fan site or gallery that hosts sailormoon pictures, scans, screen shots and so on.

I'd be forever grateful.

PS: Same goes for icons :D
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Today, posted this story:

Funimation to redub Sailor Moon anime!?! Thanks to this topic over at the new (very active now) Genvid forums, I became aware of this new poll at the Funimation website asking fans which series they would like to see dubbed and an option is, "Redubbed Entire Sailor Moon Series".
Head on over there now and let our voices be heard! Even if you're a HUGE fan of the existing English dub like I am (really like DiC dub!) vote anyway to show how strong the fandom still is! If anything it may get an English dub of Sailor Starsand an official Subtitled release using the new digitally remastered Japanese sources! Could also mean a release of the rereleased Sailor Moon manga!

Here is the link to the poll:

Let's hope they mean it!


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