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Project complete! This also fills the "hostages" prompt on my card for [community profile] hc_bingo.

The whole thing was inspired during Otakon, where I heard people on two completely unrelated panels say, "Sailor Moon isn't a strong female character because she always needs her boyfriend to save her!" (I swear, that hurts just to type.)

Anyone who's in the fandom at all will have noticed that Tuxedo Mask gets kidnapped constantly. I'm a long-time fan, and when I started writing the actual list down, even I was surprised how long it got. Between the anime and the manga, there's not a single arc of the story where he doesn't spend some time as a hostage of the bad guys. That's not even counting the live-action series. Or the musicals.

(Although even if you've only caught an episode here and there, there's no excuse for not noticing that—while Tuxedo Mask is good for distracting the mooks-of-the-day—it's always a sailor senshi who casts the finishing move.)

So have a picspam of Sailor Moon's erstwhile caped crusader, in all his hostage-being, brainwash-suffering, reverse-manpain-fueling, never-giving-up-anyway glory. If this doesn't drive the point home, nothing will.

'Tuxedo Mask was made in my image of an ideal man, because I like men that I can't rely on.' (125 caps in 30 image files) )


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