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Hi, everyone! I'm new here :-) My name is Lisa, although mostly everyone (in the SM fandom, anyway) knows me as SailorDonut. I'm primarily a PGSM fan, but I am really looking forward to reading the manga when it comes out this September, as I missed it the first time it came out in English (probably just as well).

I'm hoping to take advantage of all the hubbub over Three Weeks for Dreamwidth by getting more involved with comms on here, which is what led me to this lovely place. :-) I did write a PGSM fanfic for 3W4DW, featuring the Zoisite/Minako pairing; you can find it here if you're interested.

I was also wondering if anyone in the SM community wanted to do a friending/subscription meme for 3W4DW? I know most of my friends on LJ I met through the PGSM/BSSM fandom, so I'd love to make some SM friends on Dreamwidth as well! I'd be happy to get a subscription meme started on here if people are interested :-)
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Meme time. :)

Name: Sarah/Parker
Age: 20

When I got into Sailor Moon:
I had just started high school and a girl I really liked was into it so I was all "Aha! I have found a way to charm thee!" Now I just like it cuz it's ridiculous and cute.

Favorite Character:
Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen

Favorite Villain:
Fiore ♥

Least Favorite Character:
Reiki, Motoki's girlfriend. I don't know why, she just annoys the hell out of me.

Least Favorite Villain:
Tin Nyanko

Favorite Season of the Anime:
I dunno, probably Classic and Supers (HELIOS!)
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Name: Searia "Shukaku"
Age: 19
When I got into Sailor Moon: Probably somewhere around 1997. I ran across the opening theme one morning when I was channel surfing and thought that it looked pretty cool. After watching a few episodes, I was totally hooked and started looking for everything and anything Sailor Moon that I could find. Even now, I still have my various tiaras, henshin devices and wands/sticks. Most of which have never been opened, lol.
Favorite Character: Usagi by far. Out of all the characters, she ended up with the most character growth in my opinion. Sure, there were times when I wanted to strangle some common sense into her, but more than anything, I appreciated her childish, but knows when to buckle down personality.
Least Favorite Character: I'll probably get shot for this, but Mamoru and Chibi-Usa. Chibi-Usa was just... to obnoxious in the beginning of the anime. I could tolerate her alot more in the manga, but I swear, the anime had to have increased her annoyingness to at least six bars above that of the manga. Towards the end of Super S and the beginning of Stars, my dislike for her tamed alot. Now, Mamoru. Ugh. I dunno, it  could be the fact that Usagi always ended up saving him at one point in each season or the fact that he was just... I don't know... (too tame?) that bothered me. I prefered his character in the beginning of the series, when he was fiesty and had a joke or two to crack. (But then again, I'm partial to Seiya's personality, so...)
Favorite Villain: Galaxia. End of story.
Least Favorite Villain: Ail & Anne or Princess Snow Kaguya.
Favorite Season of the Anime: Sailor Moon (season 1) and Sailor Sailor Sailor Stars. I adore the first season, since that's the one that brought me into the fandom in the first place. As for Stars, I just... love it. The villian was amazing, the tension was high, the Starlights were sexy... ugh. Just yes.
Favorite Pairing: Yes, I added an extra one. I'm sure you've probably guessed it already, but I love Seiya/Usagi. In my opinion, Seiya and Usagi's relationship seemed a lot more intriguing to watch than with Mamoru. However, this is just my personal choice as a Sailor Moon fan. Usagi herself chose Mamoru, and I'm completely fine with it.
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Name: Kyo
Age: 21
When I got into Sailor Moon: Back in the heyday of the WB-11 in NYC, I would watch it every morning up until it was syndicating(with a promising of new licensed episodes and seasons at the time), at Cartoon Network. Then around 2003 I've got to see it in full Japanese uncut with some VCDs of it and finally seeing what the hype is with "Stars" so therefore the insanity.
Favorite Character: Rei Hino.
Favorite Villain: Sailor Galaxia, enough said, :P
Least Favorite Villain: Hmm can Kaolinite and Esmeraude fit in this, they annoy me.
Favorite Season of the Anime: Sailormoon Super
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Name: Rin
Age: 27
When I got into Sailor Moon: When my cousins moved back from Japan, in 1993 or so. When I was a teenager, I'd watch it on Cartoon Network or the station that is now The WB after I got home from work.
Favorite Character: Usagi may irritate me sometimes, but I do love her. Rei is a close second because of how traditional she is.
Favorite Villain: I don't really have one, but I did get kinda attached to Zoisite.
Least Favorite Villain: Princess Snow Kaguya.
Favorite Season of the Anime: Season 1 FTW, more for sentimental reasons than anything else. 

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Name: Krissy
Age: 28

When I got into Sailor Moon:
Oh wow... maybe back in 1994 or 1995?

Favorite Character:
Setsuna/Sailor Pluto! My favorite of the inners is Sailor Mars.

Favorite Villain:
You know, I'm not sure if I have one. Most of the villains amuse me, especially the ones that turn into wacky things (like trains or motorcycles).

Least Favorite Character:
Not a big fan of Chibi-USA. Sorry, kiddo. :(

Least Favorite Villain:
Since I don't really have a favorite, I don't have a least favorite either!

Favorite Season of the Anime:
I love the very beginning series. It's just so cute. :)
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I'm really new to Dreamwidth. Actually, I joined today, ahaha. XD People might know me as [personal profile] nagareboshihe at LJ, but I'm more of a lurker there.

Name: Jelle
Age: 17
When I got into Sailor Moon: Gah, I hardly remember what year it was. I just know that I was very little and watched my country's dub. XD I immediatly fell in love and watched every episode. Too bad they only aired the first season. D: Later I found out about the subs and I fell in love ever more.
Favorite Character: Minako / Sailor Venus. <3 I just adore her and people tend to associate me with either her or Usagi, so. XD I also like Haruka (my favourite outer) and Usagi. Mamoru is also huge love in my book.
Favorite Villain: Oh, that's hard, I love tons of villains! XD Let's just say Galaxia, the Witches 5 and Prince Demando are my favourites, but I like others too.
Least Favorite Character: Rei / Sailor Mars. I'm not sure why, but I just.. don't like her. :|
Least Favorite Villain: Hm, this one is hard as well. I don't think I really have a least favourite. XD;;
Favorite Season of the Anime: I don't have a favourite season, I adore them all.
Favourite version (Anime / Manga / PGSM / Seramyu): I added this question just so I could state I love all four versions. I think it's really interesting how they're able to do completely different things with the same concept. I squee over all four seasons, so. XD
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I just took a peek at how many members we have, and we're up to 69! ^_^

So, since we're still pretty quiet here, I'd like to get everybody up and going with an intro post.

I'll start with myself!

Age: 27
When I got into Sailor Moon: Back in summer of '97. My first episode was "Nightmare in Dreamland." I thought Ami was everyone's grandma, and that Tuxedo Mask's name was Tuxedo Max. XD
Favorite Character: Usagi/Sailor Moon.  As a bit of a klutz who sucks at math and cries at the drop of a hat, I identify with her pretty well.
Favorite Villain: In the anime, I think it's Nehelennia.  In the musicals, it's  Queen Beryl from Kakyuu-Ouhi Kaiteiban, with Galaxia in at a close second.
Least Favorite Character: The kid who does Shin-chan's Elephant Dance in that one episode.  XD  Poor Chibi-Usa.
Least Favorite Villain: Dub Zoicite.  I WANT TO STRANGLE HER.  And dub Emerald, too.  (Maybe I just hate their voice actress, they're both voiced by the same person.)
Favorite Season of the Anime: Stars, hands down.

You don't have to follow my list of questions - feel free to add or delete what you want!  Come on and introduce yourself! ^_^


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