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Earlier today a friend linked me to people redrawing screenshots of Sailor Moon.

One of my favorites:

Silence Wall by *alex-heberling on deviantART

It's beautiful. <3

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Or at least, newly crossposted. Some of the SM stuff I've been doing on DA lately.

A Princess Alone (NSFW) - nude portrait of Kakyuu-hime. For the Sailor Nudity Contest, for which entries just closed. Now to await the judging...

The Little Ones - Chibi Chibi with Sailor Parallel Moon, bringing the adorable.

Silence Glaive Surprise (NSFW?) - Sailor Saturn and Sailor Chibi Moon, having some, uh, fun with the Silence Glaive.

Sailor Eva - a couple of custom crossover senshi: girl!Shinji in a Unit 01-inspired fuku, with Sailor Pluto in a Gendo-esque one, glasses included.

Water Wings - Ami, ready to hit the beach.
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I have a theory: Sailor Moon can be crossed over with EVERYTHING.

What's that you say? You think I'm exaggerating? Ohohoho. Allow me to start listing.

Other mahou shoujo series!
Tokyo Mew Mew - Sailor Ichigo
Cardcaptor Sakura - Sailor Sakura, Sailor Sakura, Tomoyo, and Meiling
Utena - Sailor Victory Rose
Magic Knight Rayearth - Sailor Knights, Rayearth Senshi
Powerpuff Girls Z - Powerpuff Senshi

Other anime!
Hellsing - Sailor Girlycard, Sailors Integra, Seras, and Girlycard
Paprika - Sailor Paprika
Hetalia: Axis Powers - Sailor Countries
Evangelion - Sailor Ayanami
Yu-Gi-Oh! - Sailor Millennium Puzzle
One Piece - Sailor Nami
Ranma 1/2 - Sailor Ranko
Bleach - Sailor Ensemble, Sailor Yachiru
Naruto - Sailor Ramen and Sailor Angst, Sailor Naruto and Sailor Kakashi, Sailor Konoha
Code Geass - Sailor C.C., Tuxedo Lelouch and Sailor C.C.
Pokemon - Sailor Rocket, Sailor Misty and Tuxedo Ash
Death Note - Sailor Mello and Sailor Near
Yotsuba&! - Sailor Yotsuba

Western comics!
DC - Sailor Krypton, Sailor Teen Titans, Bat-Moon
Marvel - Sailor Rogue, Sailor She Hulk, Sailor Storm, Sailor Adamantium Wolverine
Watchmen - Sailor Rorshach

Western animation!
Family Guy - Sailor Cleveland
Fairly Odd Parents - Sailor Timmy
Hey Arnold - Sailor Helga
Animaniacs - Sailors Kikko, Aylee, and Dot
South Park - Sailors Stan, Kyle, Butters, Cartman, and Kenny
Disney - Sailor Belle, Sailor Princesses
TMNT - Sailor Terrapin and Tuxedo Kame
Popeye - Popeye the Sailor Moon
Spongebob - Spongebob Moon Pants, Sailor Squid
Winx Club - Sailor Winx Club
Invader Zim - Super Sailor Zim 'n' Gir
Pixar - Sailor EVE and Tuxedo WALL-E

Video games!
Sonic - Sailor Lupe and Sailor Julie
Mario - Sailor Peach
Kingdom Hearts - Sailor Hearts
Megaman - Sailor Megaman
Phoenix Wright - Sailor Ace Attorneys
Zelda - Sailor Zelda
Vocaloid - Sailor Miku

Live-action series!
House M.D. - Sailor Cuddy and Tuxedo House
Xena, Warrior Princess - Sailor Xena
Star Trek - Sailor Uhura, Sailor Vulcan and Sailor Klinzhi, Sailor Trek, a whole bunch of photomanips
Star Wars - Sailor Chibi-Yavin, Neo Sailor Tatooine
Stargate - Sailor Simarka, Sailor Teal'c, Sailor Carter
Doctor Who - Sailor Gallifrey, Sailor Skaro, Tuxedo Rose, Sailor Gallifrey Henshin (animated!)
Red Dwarf - Sailor Red Dwarfers

Harry Potter - Sailor Malfoy, Sailor Hufflepuff, Hogwarts Senshi, Sailor Potter
Twilight - Sailor Edward

Real people!
Musicians - Sailor Gaga
Comedians - Conan as Haruka, Sailor Conan and Sailor Tina, Sailor Jon, Sailor Jon and Tuxedo Colbert
Politicians - Sailor Obama, Sailor Palin

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. That's just DeviantArt. I haven't even touched the possibility of fic. Now multiply that by all the fandom-related sites on all the servers in all the world.

I have some extended theories about why all this crossover is possible, which I will endeavor to type up properly at some point. It's a combination of the way the uniform template is visually iconic and yet infinitely modifiable; the near-universal knowledge of the series, even among people who never got into it or followed it closely; the fact that by this point the show falls into a certain nostalgia bracket, meaning that it's a guaranteed generator of warm fuzzy feelings for a broad swath of people; and, if I can wax poetic for a minute, the transcendence of its themes, which are a big reason that it has such staying power in the first place.

Also, it will never stop being fun to stick unlikely people in short frilly skirts.
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First, the art:

Little Rabbit Riding Hood - Usagi in a cute cloak.

Our Lady - Princess Hotaru, Small Lady, and Prince Helios: OT3.

Red Spot Jupiter - an alternate costume design for Sailor Jupiter, with heavy jewelry and storm-cloud bows.

I Am Become Death - AU!Hotaru as Sandman!Death.

(I'll post more links as time goes on...I have kind of a lot of them ^_^;)

Second, the news:

Toei is soliciting international broadcast/distribution rights for all 200 episodes of the anime!

No hints as to whether Stars is a candidate for dubbing, or whether only subbed versions would be released, but either way the door is open to having the episodes available (legally, anyway) stateside :D


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