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Title: Five (And Then Some) Heart Crystals The Death Busters Never Stole
Fandoms: Sailor Moon and crossovers: The Daily Show, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, His Dark Materials, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Kaolinite, Eudial, Mimete, Viluy; Jon, Olivia, "Stephen"; Homura/Madoka; Lyra, Pan; Sharon, Roslin, Tory, Tigh; Four, Sarah Jane
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoils ALL THE THINGS, especially MadoMagi, HDM, and BSG.
Disclaimer: Not a single one of these series is mine. More's the pity.

What it says on the tin. Heart crystals that Kaolinite and the Witches 5 would have gone after, if only they'd existed in the same series.

Most of these involve AU versions of the crossover characters' canon settings. Just pretend those years and areas were the ones in which the Death Busters set up shop...and then ignore all the continuity issues that brings up ^_^;

For my round 2 [community profile] hc_bingo card, prompts "experiments by evil scientists" and "headaches/migraines".

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Or at least, newly crossposted. Some of the SM stuff I've been doing on DA lately.

A Princess Alone (NSFW) - nude portrait of Kakyuu-hime. For the Sailor Nudity Contest, for which entries just closed. Now to await the judging...

The Little Ones - Chibi Chibi with Sailor Parallel Moon, bringing the adorable.

Silence Glaive Surprise (NSFW?) - Sailor Saturn and Sailor Chibi Moon, having some, uh, fun with the Silence Glaive.

Sailor Eva - a couple of custom crossover senshi: girl!Shinji in a Unit 01-inspired fuku, with Sailor Pluto in a Gendo-esque one, glasses included.

Water Wings - Ami, ready to hit the beach.
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I have a theory: Sailor Moon can be crossed over with EVERYTHING.

What's that you say? You think I'm exaggerating? Ohohoho. Allow me to start listing.

Other mahou shoujo series!
Tokyo Mew Mew - Sailor Ichigo
Cardcaptor Sakura - Sailor Sakura, Sailor Sakura, Tomoyo, and Meiling
Utena - Sailor Victory Rose
Magic Knight Rayearth - Sailor Knights, Rayearth Senshi
Powerpuff Girls Z - Powerpuff Senshi

Other anime!
Hellsing - Sailor Girlycard, Sailors Integra, Seras, and Girlycard
Paprika - Sailor Paprika
Hetalia: Axis Powers - Sailor Countries
Evangelion - Sailor Ayanami
Yu-Gi-Oh! - Sailor Millennium Puzzle
One Piece - Sailor Nami
Ranma 1/2 - Sailor Ranko
Bleach - Sailor Ensemble, Sailor Yachiru
Naruto - Sailor Ramen and Sailor Angst, Sailor Naruto and Sailor Kakashi, Sailor Konoha
Code Geass - Sailor C.C., Tuxedo Lelouch and Sailor C.C.
Pokemon - Sailor Rocket, Sailor Misty and Tuxedo Ash
Death Note - Sailor Mello and Sailor Near
Yotsuba&! - Sailor Yotsuba

Western comics!
DC - Sailor Krypton, Sailor Teen Titans, Bat-Moon
Marvel - Sailor Rogue, Sailor She Hulk, Sailor Storm, Sailor Adamantium Wolverine
Watchmen - Sailor Rorshach

Western animation!
Family Guy - Sailor Cleveland
Fairly Odd Parents - Sailor Timmy
Hey Arnold - Sailor Helga
Animaniacs - Sailors Kikko, Aylee, and Dot
South Park - Sailors Stan, Kyle, Butters, Cartman, and Kenny
Disney - Sailor Belle, Sailor Princesses
TMNT - Sailor Terrapin and Tuxedo Kame
Popeye - Popeye the Sailor Moon
Spongebob - Spongebob Moon Pants, Sailor Squid
Winx Club - Sailor Winx Club
Invader Zim - Super Sailor Zim 'n' Gir
Pixar - Sailor EVE and Tuxedo WALL-E

Video games!
Sonic - Sailor Lupe and Sailor Julie
Mario - Sailor Peach
Kingdom Hearts - Sailor Hearts
Megaman - Sailor Megaman
Phoenix Wright - Sailor Ace Attorneys
Zelda - Sailor Zelda
Vocaloid - Sailor Miku

Live-action series!
House M.D. - Sailor Cuddy and Tuxedo House
Xena, Warrior Princess - Sailor Xena
Star Trek - Sailor Uhura, Sailor Vulcan and Sailor Klinzhi, Sailor Trek, a whole bunch of photomanips
Star Wars - Sailor Chibi-Yavin, Neo Sailor Tatooine
Stargate - Sailor Simarka, Sailor Teal'c, Sailor Carter
Doctor Who - Sailor Gallifrey, Sailor Skaro, Tuxedo Rose, Sailor Gallifrey Henshin (animated!)
Red Dwarf - Sailor Red Dwarfers

Harry Potter - Sailor Malfoy, Sailor Hufflepuff, Hogwarts Senshi, Sailor Potter
Twilight - Sailor Edward

Real people!
Musicians - Sailor Gaga
Comedians - Conan as Haruka, Sailor Conan and Sailor Tina, Sailor Jon, Sailor Jon and Tuxedo Colbert
Politicians - Sailor Obama, Sailor Palin

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. That's just DeviantArt. I haven't even touched the possibility of fic. Now multiply that by all the fandom-related sites on all the servers in all the world.

I have some extended theories about why all this crossover is possible, which I will endeavor to type up properly at some point. It's a combination of the way the uniform template is visually iconic and yet infinitely modifiable; the near-universal knowledge of the series, even among people who never got into it or followed it closely; the fact that by this point the show falls into a certain nostalgia bracket, meaning that it's a guaranteed generator of warm fuzzy feelings for a broad swath of people; and, if I can wax poetic for a minute, the transcendence of its themes, which are a big reason that it has such staying power in the first place.

Also, it will never stop being fun to stick unlikely people in short frilly skirts.


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