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Happy New Year, everyone! This is my first post here, and I finally decided to ask something that's been confusing me for quite a while. I've tried looking it up on the Sailor Moon wiki, but the answers I get are vague.

From what I understand, at least in the anime baby Hotaru is left with her father at the end of S (Season 4). But at some point she's the adopted daughter of Haruka and Michiru. From what I understand, Pluto brings her to them ... at some point. And then we get the adorable little family we all coo over in turns.

So, why does Pluto take baby Hotaru from her father, who's obviously happy to be reunited with her when we last see him. I'm left with the vague impression Pluto kidnaps her...

Second question, which I'm gonna put under a cut because it's extremely spoiler-y for Stars.

When they're pulling their insane fake Heel Face Turn in Stars to get close to Galaxia so they can attempt to assassinate her, Uranus and Neptune kill Pluto, and, more horrifyingly, Saturn. I've not seen this season, but I have to ask given the sheer amount of fun fans have with the Haruka-papa/Michiru-mama/Hotaru family unit: do they EVER show any remorse for doing this? It's one thing to believe they'd freely kill her in S. But by Stars she's apparently effectively their child. So they murder their child to facilitate an undercover mission that arguably is motivated by their own hubris, as they are completely wrong and arrogant in their assumption they can kill Galaxia where presumably dozens/hundreds of other Senshi *teams* failed. It's difficult to believe in the genuineness of Haruka and Michiru's attachment to Hotaru after that. If they showed remorse at some point and are shown weighing their daughter against the fate of the universe/world and making a terribly difficult choice, that's one thing, but I don't believe they are. It's too easy to believe they go back to viewing her as expendable like they did in S, that's hard to stomach after they allow themselves to become her parents. ... In all honestly, as much as I love Haruka and Michiru and their relationship, most of the time I can't stand the way Uranus and Neptune treat the other Senshi, and this doesn't help.
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